"What does 'BWQ' stand for?"


"BWQ" is, roughly put, the spirit of building bridges and genuine connections.
Always in search of something special, singer-songwriter Darryl Joo works to craft unique and honest songs to bring together friends and collaborators.

The songs are written with the intent of blending genres in an authentic and refreshing way. Darryl looks to employ both modern and traditional structures and harmonies to create new yet familiar sounds.

The Project BWQ Live band was founded in January 2018, and consists of:
Darryl Joo, John Roccesano, Max Feinstein, and Jack Breslin

The BWQ studio project (14-track LP, "American Ghost") will be released in May 2018.

The BWQ Live Tour is set for August 2018.


The Live Band:

Darryl Joo - Vocals, Guitar, Composition & Arrangement, Production

John Roccesano - Drums, Harmonies, Engineering, Production

Max Feinstein - Lead Guitar, Harmonies

Jack Breslin - Bass, Upright bass, Cello, Harmonies



Jonathan Andrew - Bass

Sean-David Cunningham - Violin

Jaime DeJesus - Bass

Àlvaro Domene - Guitar

Sylvana Joyce - Piano

Pat Murray - Bass

Ben Krupit - Horns

Mike Kuzan - Synth

Nick Rifken - Drums

Mike Rogers - Drums

Gerry Rosenthal - Guitar

Ty Tuschen - Guitar



Streaming now on Soundcloud


"American Ghost" is the debut album from Project BWQ, singer-songwriter Darryl Joo's debut project.

In 2015, Darryl quit his teaching job to pursue a lifelong dream of creating music to share with the world.
For the next two years, he would focus on re-learning the guitar and exploring the craft of songwriting.

From there, he would stumble into the budding music scene in Hoboken/Jersey City, where he would meet a group of artists
whose central ethos revolved around honest support, selflessness, mutual inspiration, and an inextinguishable love for music.

"American Ghost" explores identity and the nature of relationships, the pain of being invisible, vulnerability and paranoia,
and the healing that takes place throughout the course of life.



Cold Sweat - Avoid if you experience vertigo. Okay for Anxiety.





Live at Leonia - A small set for friends.


Media/PR: Victoire@ei-pr.com

All other Inquiries: Projectbwq@gmail.com